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Premium Property Marketing

Last time, was your home sitting on the market for months? It wasn’t the market. It was your marketing! What worked the last time you sold your home won’t work now. Marketing can make the difference in selling faster and for more while weeding out the showings that waste your time.

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3D Interspace Solutions Suite of Marketing Services

Re-imagine how YOU market

Things have changed in how we experience life: Movies, sound and more. 3D has gone from glasses in the theatre to being able to immerse yourself into another place and have you feel like you are there. This experience now extends to marketing property. Through 3D, Drone, HD Photos and 360 Video, you can give potential clients an experience like they were there [Learn More].


What is 3D Interspace Solutions?

3D Interspace Solutions is not just a name. It defines the depth and breath of our services. Through all of our service we immerse your clients in a way no one else can. We break the normal way we experience things and add a dimension unavailable until now. Like seeing Google Maps’ “Street View” for the first time or your first 60″ HDTV sports game as your 3D theatre experience…what we do is expand how your clients expand their senses in experiencing what you are selling.

The Process

When preparing for a scan, make sure the property is at its best! Our showcases require the same preparation and attention to detail that a professional photoshoot would. While we are more than willing to provide insight and assistance in the preparation process, having the property ready to scan ahead of time is preferred. Once our on-site work is complete, we will edit and process the data to be delivered as a finished product by the next day!

The Aerial Advantage

Drone video and photography adds a dimension like nothing else can. It gives viewers a perspective that could clinch the deal. This elevated HD experience expands the senses past looking at ground-level pictures & Google Maps. [Learn More]

HD Photography

Nothing compares to professional photography that is vivid, captivating and immerses the viewer more than pictures taken from a novice. The right eye and the right equipment means they are left with a lasting impression. [Learn More] about how we take the technology and apply years of experience to create a presence that captures more leads on your property and gives you a strong distinction among potential sellers that you are a premium marketing agent.

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